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As part of a major upgrade of lighting within the acclaimed chain of Nando’s restaurants, The Light Corporation specified Bright Goods LED filament lamps to replace the existing mix of halogen and tungsten filament lighting.

Bright Goods has supplied a selection of LED filament lamps from its wide range of popular shapes that includes globes, squirrel cages, candles, long tubes and traditional GLS bulbs. “As the sole lighting designer for Nando’s, and after having previously tried and tested a number of LED filament lamps, we made the decision to recommend Bright Goods products,” says Darren Parnaby, of The Light Corporation. “The main reason for this is that the quality of the product is far greater than that of other manufacturers both in terms of light output, colour rendition and build quality.”

Bright Goods LED filament lamps have been used by Nando’s since July 2015 when the first installation was completed in the company’s restaurant in Hove. Since then, numerous other locations in the Nando’s chain have benefited from these innovative lamps including restaurants in Rotherham, Newcastle, Southampton, Huntingdon, Canary Wharf, Birmingham, and Bristol. In fact, this Bright Goods success story is not restricted to the UK but also embraces other prestigious overseas installations including an impressive Nando’s project in Deira City, Dubai, and others as far afield as South Africa.

Every Nando’s restaurant is designed to have its own distinctive ambience. This is achieved by bringing together a variety of balanced and complementary features including contemporary furnishings, durable floor surfaces, stylish wall coverings and, crucially, warm and welcoming lighting. This attention to detail often extends to embrace handmade light fixtures and fittings including Czech glass fluid pendants, metal cages, wooden shades and wicker baskets. Nando’s are always keen to support small, local artisans who frequently use materials when manufacturing light fittings which can be unsuitable for traditional hot lamps. The nature of cool running LED allows almost anything to become a light fitting, broadening the possibilities for Nando’s lighting. Consequently, the versatility of the Bright Goods range means that the individual restaurant designs can be uncompromising and as spectacular as originally conceived.

This aspect of Nando’s design philosophy is recognised and welcomed by Darren. He says, “We are fortunate that Nando’s embrace design variety and diversity within their restaurants and allow us designers the autonomy and freedom to come up with new and exciting lighting to enhance and add to the interiors.”

“We’re delighted that our LED filament lamps are proving to be such a hit with Nando’s restaurants and their customers,” says Saima Shafi, Marketing Director at Bright Goods. “We’re constantly being told that not only do they look stylish but that they have captured the warm, cosy glow usually only found from energy-hungry incandescent. They are also recognised as being much more robust and reliable than tungsten and halogen lamps. Add to that their fantastic energy saving properties and it’s easy to see why more and more bar, restaurant and hospitality chains are relying on Bright Goods as their first choice.”

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Classic Motor Cars, arguably the world’s leading restorer of classic Jaguar cars, relies upon Stertil Koni 2-post lifts to support operations within its modern industrial premises at Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Established in 1993, Classic Motor Cars is staffed by a highly experienced team of engineers and technicians. The company’s site comprises 40,000 sq ft of workshop space plus a further 20,000 sq ft used for bespoke classic car storage. These facilities enable the company to provide its international clientele with a range of services that includes maintenance and servicing, performance and handling upgrades, complete restorations plus bespoke car design and manufacture. To ensure that this work is undertaken efficiently and safely, Classic Motor Cars utilises three sets of Stertil Koni 2-post lifts, type SK2030.

With its baseless design, folded steel columns and the asymmetric positioning of the double-telescopic lifting arms, the SK2030 provides workshop technicians unrestricted access to the underside of raised vehicles. Providing a safe lifting capacity of 3,000kg and featuring a low pick-up height of just 90mm, the SK2030 is ideal for lifting a range of vehicles from sports cars to light commercial vans. Simple operation of each lift is achieved using a push button control panel mounted on one of the lifting columns. Using these buttons, workshop technicians can raise the lifts to a maximum height of 2.02 metres in only 25 seconds.

The Stertil Koni SK2030 has been designed to incorporate a rugged hydraulic system featuring a minimum of moving parts to ensure a long working life. Additionally, the lift’s synthetic running wheels are self-lubricating, therefore requiring no maintenance, and are covered by a lifetime guarantee. Specially-designed base plates provide high stability whilst robust heavy duty columns ensure exceptional strength and rigidity. The high performance SK2030 also incorporates automatic protection against overloading via an automatic locking system that operates independently of the lifting system.

In addition to the SK2030 lifts, Stertil Koni also supplied a 4,000kg capacity, 4-post wheel alignment lift and a 2,000kg jacking beam.

“We were so pleased with the performance and reliability of our first SK2030 2-post lift that we had no hesitation in ordering another two sets,” says Nicholas Goldthorp, Managing Director of Classic Motor Cars. “Alongside our extensive work on classic Jaguars, our operation also extends to Bentley, Ferrari and Aston Martin plus many other prestigious vehicles. The Stertil Koni lifts give us the versatility and flexibility we need to ensure that we continue to provide unrivalled service to our discerning customers.”

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Stertil Koni, the UK’s leading vehicle lift specialist, has supplied four sets of lifts to RT Williams to replace models that were damaged when the company’s workshop roof was virtually destroyed during a devastating storm.

Based in Merthyr Tydfil, RT Williams offers a wide variety of services for commercial vehicles throughout Wales including servicing, repair, MOT testing and a 24 hour recovery service. The company handles almost every type of vehicle, including PSVs, HGVs, trucks, vans and taxis, and has relied upon a range of Stertil Koni lifts to support its operations for many years. “We’ve worked the lifts hard and they’ve given us excellent trouble-free operation,” says Lyn Williams. “So I had no hesitation in ordering Stertil lifts to replace the ones that were damaged during the storm.”

The replacement lifts include two sets of ST4120 4-post lifts, a set of ST4125 4-post lifts and a Sky 200 Recessed model. Offering respective safe lifting capacities of 12 and 12.5 tonnes, the ST4120 and ST4125 models are heavy duty lifts featuring electro-hydraulic lifting systems. Various platform lengths are available - 4.5m, 6.2m and 8m - and the space between the platforms is adjustable from 800mm up to 1650mm. This flexibility makes them ideal for use in workshops that deal with a range of heavy duty vehicles, including narrow tracked fork trucks. Driven rams are located at the four corner posts and all are electronically synchronised ensuring safe and smooth operation. Importantly, the free-standing control box can be positioned at the most convenient post for every installation.

Allowing perfect access to vehicles, the 20 tonne capacity SKY 200 Recessed model is free from cross beams, allowing unrestricted access to raised vehicles, and features a drive-on height of just 350mm. Depending on user requirements, the lift may be specified with a platform length between seven and 14.5 metres. Even with the longest platform, only two lifting legs are required and each leg incorporates its own measuring device, ensuring smooth and level synchronisation to within 15mm. The Sky 200 is electronically controlled from a well-positioned control panel to ensure ease of use and safety for workshop technicians. One popular feature of this model is its streamlined design that allows installation into narrow bays thereby enabling workshops to optimise their usable space.

“The severity of the storm caused a great deal of damage and, understandably, dealt a considerable blow to RT Williams,” says Tony Edge, Stertil Koni’s general manager. “However, we are well geared up to respond to this kind of situation and were pleased to install replacement lifts within a matter of weeks.”

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One of London’s most iconic watering holes – the Goat in Boots pub in Chelsea – reopened two years ago following extensive modernisation as GOAT. This new moniker heralded a massive transformation of a historic and traditional pub into an energetic and edgy hub that comprises a contemporary Italian restaurant, a large DJ bar and a hidden 1920s styled speakeasy, irreverently branded as the Chelsea Prayer Room. However, the venue has recently undergone a second metamorphosis with the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting from the acclaimed Bright Goods range.

Following GOAT’s original restyling, its many nooks, crannies and architectural quirks have provided huge scope for entertaining evenings - from private dining to cocktail master classes. Guests enjoy exotic surroundings where classic tiles, custom-made wallpaper and leather banquettes are key features throughout and the industrial chic of the restaurant is contrasted by the opulent bar and vintage speakeasy. However, the traditional incandescent filament lamps that helped create the overall ambiance proved to be costly to run and maintain.

With an ambitious energy upgrade planned for the building, Steve Manktelow, who masterminded the GOAT concept, was keen to establish whether any of the expense of the upgrade could be offset against future savings. Consequently, Steve discovered Bright Goods LED filament lamps online that he could simply retrofit into existing fixtures. Whilst harbouring a level of reticence towards LED lamps which he feared would produce a cool white light that would be inappropriate for the venue’s stylish interior, he ordered some samples.

Following a ‘real life’ trial, the team at GOAT were pleasantly surprised not only with the vintage look and feel of the Bright Goods LED filament lamps, but also with the warm, familiar glow re-created beautifully in LED. They selected some of the most popular products from the Bright Goods range of LED filament lamps, including the Elizabeth, Rose, Catherine, Charles, Anne and Jane. These exquisite lamps have complemented the sympathetic restyling of an old building and updated it with modern charm. Importantly, whilst re-creating the nostalgic glory of incandescent lighting in LED, the Bright Goods lamps also provide ten times the lifespan and massive energy savings of over 70%.

Steve is delighted with both the appearance and the performance of GOAT’s new lighting. He says, “The new Bright Goods LED lamps are a brilliant match for the incandescent filament bulbs we had previously. The warm glow of the old lighting has been re-created to create the same retro, vintage feel. They have the same impact as the old Edison squirrel cages and other shape styles, so swapping them out has been seamless. Having trawled what is available, these are the first LED lamps I’ve come across that retain the warmth of an incandescent, which was the real deciding factor.”

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Vehicle lifting specialist Stertil Koni has supplied a set of electro-hydraulic wireless mobile column lifts to Johnson Brothers, one of the UK’s largest family owned coach companies.

Johnson Brothers Tours was established in Worksop during the 1950s with the aim of providing excellent value for money combined with a personal yet professional service. This formula proved to be highly successful and the company has steadily expanded its operations which now range from day excursions to long distance European holidays. Stertil Koni recently loaned Johnson Brothers a set of wireless mobile column lifts to enable the company to undertake PDI inspection work on Nottingham City Council’s electric vehicle fleet. Following the success of this loan, Johnson Brothers decided to purchase a set of four ST1075FWF lifts to support its third purpose-built workshop.

The ST1075FWF uniquely incorporates a wireless control system that provides maximum access to the underside of a raised vehicle. Each of the mobile columns is equipped with two long-life deep cycle batteries which, when fully charged, will power the lifts for at least a week, on average, before re-charging is necessary. The batteries can then be charged overnight via a 230v single phase supply. With no cables on the workshop floor, the risk of tripping is removed, providing valuable health and safety benefits and, with no power supply necessary, the system can be used inside or outdoors.

Positioning of the wireless columns is flexible: they can be used in any configuration around a vehicle. Also, with no power or communication cables to connect, set-up time is drastically reduced thereby making the system fully operational much more quickly. The lift’s unique synchronisation system ensures a smooth lifting and lowering cycle, even in the event of extremely uneven load distribution of vehicles to be lifted.

Each column features Stertil Koni’s unique eBright full colour touch screen control panel and operation of the lifts may be controlled from any column. The ST1075FWF provides a lifting capacity of 7.5 tonnes which means that a set of four lifts ensures smooth lifting of vehicles weighing up to 30 tonnes. If a greater lifting capacity is required, this can be achieved simply by adding more columns. The ST1075FWF ensures safe lifting up to a height of 1.85 metres which can be reached in just 70 seconds. Each column also incorporates an independent mechanical locking system that allows a technician to securely lock the lift to prevent a vehicle from being inadvertently lowered. This advanced safety feature eliminates the need for axle stands - if permissible under local Health and Safety regulations - thereby ensuring unrestricted access and movement beneath a raised vehicle.

Incorporating Stertil’s maintenance-free, self-lubricating, synthetic runner wheel system, the lifts are covered by a lifetime guarantee. The lowering speed is pre-selectable and each column can be lowered manually in the unlikely event of a battery failure.

Scott Johnson, Engineering Director at Johnson Brothers, is extremely pleased with his set of ST1075FWF vehicle lifts. He says, “The loan of the wireless mobile column lifts by Stertil Koni was not only a real favour but also an ideal opportunity to see for ourselves how they performed. I’m pleased to say that they proved to be ideal and I had no hesitation in completing the purchase of the new lifts. In particular, I’m impressed by their cleanliness, wireless simplicity and independent mechanical locking system. All in all, they support our new workshop perfectly.”